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Episode 014

Changing our beliefs about what we think we can do is hard. Here’s how to do it…   

It’s a new year, which for many of us means a new start. Goals are set and we bring in the new year with a ton of motivation…only to have the momentum dwindle 2 weeks later. The reason why so many resolutions fail is that we try to change our outer world before we change our inner world. We don’t succeed because we don’t believe that we can. And therefore our thoughts don’t align with the actions we need to take to achieve what we want. 

So how can we change a belief? In this episode, I talk about how to change our beliefs by trying something new, called the embodiment experiment.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why most resolutions fail
  • What to do when you hate goal setting
  • Why progress is better and more important than the outcome
  • How to believe in yourself and your abilities when the past has shown otherwise
  • Why we should rewire the brain
  • What we should do every morning to create the life we want
  • How theatre can help us get in the role of our future self
  • How to embody the essence of who you want to be
  • What the embodiment experiment is