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Episode 016

Strange events caused him to open up to a whole new world…

Zach developed an interest in psychic phenomena and the afterlife after he started to experience some things that were rather remarkable and couldn’t be explained with logical reasoning. Through his personal research and investing in working directly with prominent psychics, Zach honed his natural abilities as a psychic and a medium.

Zach provides career coaching sessions, psychic readings, and mediumship readings, as well as combinations of the three. He also delivers workshops on intuitive development, helping people to see, hear, and feel in new ways – and develop their own gifts.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What happened a year after the death of his friend
  • How practicing with your intuition will help you relieve doubt
  • Knowing the difference between receiving psychic information, medium information and channelling information
  • Coming out of the spiritual closet
  • How to not be fearful of Spirit
  • His biggest shift concerning reality and death
  • Why I doubt myself and my own abilities 
  • Why the state between sleep and wakefulness is easier for Spirit to connect