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Episode 012

A cancer diagnosis forced her to look at different ways of healing…

Deni Van is a heartfelt inspirational speaker, teacher, transformational mentor, and author of “Spiritual Awakening is not Religious, it’s Physics!” On her 35th birthday, she received the earth shattering news that she had cancer and was given only 2 years to live. And so her healing journey began and her life totally shifted. Surviving a diagnosis of cancer, Deni realized her potential as a change-maker and source of inspiration for those who are facing life changing events. Deni is the founder of Heartfelt Awakening, an online teaching, consulting and course development company. She has directly impacted the lives of many as she fulfills her mission to guide others to discover how vital inner space is to their health and well being.

In this episode we talk about :

  • How she was able to manage the fear when she received her cancer diagnosis
  • The importance of starting to heal on the energetic level because that’s the foundation
  • Remaining neutral and the connection to the middle way in Buddhism
  • How turning within is necessary for healing
  • The need to be aware of habitual patterns so we can step outside of the thought patterns and change them effectively
  •  How EFT helped her release emotional trauma
  • How to actually believe affirmations so they work
  • Her work helping others to recognize their 2 parts – the human part (physical) and the being part (spiritual)
  • The chakra system and how it works with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • The importance of laying the foundation energetically with the first 3 chakras