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Episode 018

Learn how to connect to your Spirit Guides and open up your intution… 

Do you consider yourself intuitive?

I sure didn’t. I believed intuition was for other lucky people and was never something that I could hone and practice. Boy was I wrong! I have since learned that our intuition is within us all, we just need to learn how to access it and trust it. And this is what my guest Natalie Miles and I speak about in today’s episode.

 Natalie Miles is a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic Medium & host of the So You Think You’re Intuitive podcast. However, Natalie is not the typical psychic medium. It is her life’s mission and soul calling to inspire people across the globe to connect with their own intuition, so they can feel more connected and help themselves, each and every day. She believes that everyone is born intuitive, but most people have forgotten how to use their natural gifts. Natalie has been guided by Spirit to be “the door opener” and reactivate people with their intuition so they can live their most authentic life.

In this episode you’ll hear:

    • Why she calls an awakening a reactivation
    • Why some of us are naturally more intuitive than others
    • Why some children are exceptionally gifted and talented
    • The first time she met her spirit guide as a child
    • What it was like to be a highly intuitive child
    • How her childhood dog helped her family to awaken
    • Her big life boulders that forced her to listen to Spirit
    • Why perceived disastrous things are actually signs to redirect you
    • What shadow work is and why it’s important
    • Why universal energy affects us
    • How we had similar dreams and we dream as a collective
    • How I need to open up to receiving messages via the dream state
    • Using your imagination to connect to your intuition and really practicing and trusting what is coming
    • What it’s like to be clairvoyant and how one see’s with the third eye
    • What our spirit guides are all about