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Podcast Episodes

Simply Woke is a podcast about awakeing experiences. These are the transformative events that connect us to our Spiritual Selves and personal truths. 

Tuning In To The Other Side with Zach Loeb

Episode 016Strange events caused him to open up to a whole new world...Zach developed an interest in psychic phenomena and the afterlife after he started to experience some things that were rather remarkable and couldn’t be explained with logical reasoning. Through...

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Who Do You Want To Become?

Episode 014 Changing our beliefs about what we think we can do is hard. Here's how to do it...   It's a new year, which for many of us means a new start. Goals are set and we bring in the new year with a ton of motivation...only to have the momentum dwindle 2 weeks...

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Let Go and Get In The Flow

Episode 014 How to shed old ideas, beliefs and habits to make way to the new... It's the end of the year! Which means that this is the time where many of us start reflecting on the year that has passed and we start thinking about what we want to accomplish in the New...

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Get Unstuck By Moving And Clearing Energy

Episode 013 How to clear energy to allow growth and transformation...   Have you ever wondered what to do when you're feeling stuck? This is what I talk about in this episode with my guest Micheal Spencer. Michael is the founder of Let's Purify!, an online...

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The Importance of Healing the Energetic Level

Episode 012 A cancer diagnosis forced her to look at different ways of healing... Deni Van is a heartfelt inspirational speaker, teacher, transformational mentor, and author of “Spiritual Awakening is not Religious, it’s Physics!” On her 35th birthday, she received...

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How To Let Go and Shift Your Perception

  Episode 011What you focus on becomes reality, so what can you do to shift your perception?... Today, I’m doing a solo episode again because life happened. My father had a horrible fall. He fell down an elevator shaft and landed on his left side. He broke some ribs,...

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How Awakening Can Help With Depression

 Episode 010What awakening is and how it can help to improve your life...For this episode, I decided to switch it up and do things a little differently. Since it's the 10th episode I decided to look back on this podcasting journey and take a look at what I learned...

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New Life After Ego Death

Episode 009 A major depression caused him to crack open and shift his perception...Matt Kollock is a musician and writer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After spending most of his adult life depressed and feeling unable to connect with others, a death in the family...

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Healing Through Feeling

Episode 008 It took 2 awakening experiences to wake her up to her truth... Anna Milne had two sudden awakening experiences. The first time was when she gave birth to her last child. She experienced a lot of blood loss and was close to death. Suddenly, she heard a loud...

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