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Episode 009

A major depression caused him to crack open and shift his perception…

Matt Kollock is a musician and writer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After spending most of his adult life depressed and feeling unable to connect with others, a death in the family was a catalyst for major, positive changes that continue today.

Along the way, Matt underwent a life-saving awakening that was triggered by a variety of factors, including a profound psychedelic experience. This caused him to face himself and witness who and what he really is.

These days, he enjoys a productive post-awakening life, pursuing his passions, practicing mindfulness and expressing gratitude for the way his life has transformed — and compassion for the person he used to be.

In this episode we talk about :

  • His state of mind as he entered his 30’s
  • How Matt was able to help his brother after he suddenly became fatally ill
  • How Matt was able to help himself during his brother’s illness
  • Why he kept tabs about suicide open on his browser
  • Why he thought that getting addicted to heroin was a good idea
  • What happened during his 3-day awakening experience
  • What caused him to go from angry Atheist to believing in something greater than himself.