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Episode 008

It took 2 awakening experiences to wake her up to her truth…
Anna Milne had two sudden awakening experiences. The first time was when she gave birth to her last child. She experienced a lot of blood loss and was close to death. Suddenly, she heard a loud voice asking her if she wanted to live or die. When she chose life, she was told to ‘make it count’.
However, she didn’t listen to the advice from within and allowed herself to fall into a dark spiral. She always had plenty of hatred towards herself and relied on drinking and drugs to numb all feeling in her life.
Six years later, she hit rock bottom. She now knew that she had to do something as she had made a complete mess out of her life. This was her second wake-up. Tune in to hear what she learned...  

In this episode we talk about :

  • Her difficult pregnancy and what went wrong in labour
  • How she reacted when she clearly heard a voice asking her if she wanted to live
  • What happened after she gave birth
  • How she hit rock bottom
  • What she realized when she finally shifted her mindset and healed herself