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Hello! I'm Alessandra

Podcaster, Educator and Seeker

Sharing stories of awakening...

I’m just a regular woman (a mother and wife) who had a sudden shift in her perception of reality. I still love exploring the city with my family, or curling up with a book. And I love the occasional Netflix binge. But my experience changed the way I viewed myself and the world. This change caused a transformation to occur within me.

Every day, more and more people are waking up. Waking up to new spiritual truths that result in personal transformations. People are shedding old ideologies, habits, and thoughts. They are opening themselves up and allowing the Divine to move through them, helping to create a New World that we all desperately need.

The idea for this podcast came to me very suddenly a month after I had my own awakening experience in the spring of 2017. My experience was metaphysical in nature and it completely shifted my view on the world, reality and how I fit in it. After the shift occurred I did a deep dive into learning all I could about these experiences and what they mean. What I found was that each experience is deeply personal and means something different to everyone.

By hearing the stories of others and what they learned, it is my hope that you will wake up to your own truth and learn that there are a million different ways to connect with or feel connected to the Divine. Reconnecting will help you get out of old thoughts and beliefs that keep you fearful and stuck. And will help you to tap into your higher Self and find your purpose.

Why I created Simply Woke

For a long time, I was stuck.
Stuck in fear, self-sabotage and repeating patterns.
So I searched for help. Consuming tons of content on what needed to be done, to get out of my own way.

What I kept on reading and hearing was that I needed to believe in myself. But how could I do that, when all my past patterns showed me what a failure I was? I wasn’t able to stick to anything. And I had journal entry after journal entry to prove it. I kept on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Year after year. I desired more but just couldn’t attain it.

But then I woke up and I found a new truth for myself.

The truth I discovered was that the spiritual world is within us and all around us. And deep within, there was a voice that I was not listening to. The voice of Spirit. The voice of truth and love.

The voice I did listen to regularly was loud and persistent. It consistently put me down, told me I wasn’t enough and that I was a failure. It was the voice of fear – of my ego.
But my ego is only one small part of me. The truth of who and what I am is far greater than my small ego-self. And I learned that if I quiet my egoic thoughts, then I can hear and feel the Whisper Within. And as long as I trust and have faith in the Whisper, and take action on the guidance I receive, then my life will be full of miracles.

It was the Whisper that told me to create a podcast called Simply Woke, in which I talk to people about their awakening experiences. To share their stories to help others wake up to their personal truths. To learn that there are a million different ways to connect with or feel connected to the Divine.

And so here we are! Thank you so much for being here.



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