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stories of awakening
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What it’s about…

Spiritual Awakening, Miracle Moments, Divine Revelation, Self Realization…
These are all different ways to describe the same occurrence. They are transformative events that shift our perception and connect us to our spiritual selves and personal truths. Often resulting in healing, growth and manifestation. Each week, host Alessandra Johnston, speaks with a new guest about their personal story of awakening. What happened, what was learned and how it impacted their life.

Hosted by

Alessandra Johnston

The idea for this podcast came to me very suddenly a few months after I had my own awakening experience in the spring of 2017. My experience was metaphysical in nature and it completely shifted my view of the world. After the shift occurred, I did a deep dive into learning all I could about these experiences and what they mean. What I found was that each experience is deeply personal and means something different to everyone. But at the core of all of the experiences are the values of Oneness and Love. It is my hope that this podcast helps people awaken to their own truths and see the importance of reconnecting to Spirit in any of its multitude of forms.

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Tuning In To The Other Side with Zach Loeb

Episode 016Strange events caused him to open up to a whole new world...Zach developed an interest in psychic phenomena and the afterlife after he started to experience some things that were rather remarkable and couldn’t be explained with logical reasoning. Through...

Who Do You Want To Become?

Episode 014 Changing our beliefs about what we think we can do is hard. Here's how to do it...   It's a new year, which for many of us means a new start. Goals are set and we bring in the new year with a ton of motivation...only to have the momentum dwindle 2 weeks...

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